ImmersionDeveloped with Immersion, MovieSweep is the first game app to feature the extensive use of the haptic engine in a unique way within its end-of-round films. Working with Immersion as our first global partner, their technology Haptics will be used selectively in order to increase the game’s appeal and effectiveness. We are extremely excited to have such support and experience from the Immersion team and the awareness generated through Haptics is a fantastic way of increasing MovieSweep's playability and addictiveness.


galaxy-appsSamsung have been extremely supportive. Our end goal is to have MovieSweep launch on all Samsung devices. We are aiming to be part of a £2 million Samsung advertising campaign of general reach, in addition to our own targeted campaign of hitting film enthusiasts at the film festivals. Samsung have a marketable base of over 190,000,000 so we are working hard to make the most of this opportunity working together to make MovieSweep the number one film game app.


Twitter As a start up company we have greatly benefited from Twitter's support and are delighted to have Twitter integrated into the app.

Greenwich Design

Greenwich DesignWhen MovieSweep became part of the family that is Greenwich Design, we were extremely lucky to tap into their support, experience and skills. And not least their amazing design talents, problem-solving and immense encouragement which has helped make MovieSweep what it is today. We have evolved an incredible working relationship and it is an exciting time for both companies, as our film game continues to evolve through 2016.


ForrestersSince starting MovieSweep, we have collaborated with Forresters on our intellectual property matters. Forresters have provided us with clear, sensible and practical intellectual property advice, helping us to navigate our way through the world of trade marks in the UK and worldwide and working towards securing registrations in our key markets.

Forresters have well-established and sizeable trade marks and patents departments, with extensive experience in delivering intellectual property guidance in plain, jargon-free language. We look forward to our lasting partnership as our app user base continues to grow.