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The Game How to play

A MovieSweep is a path of 11 connections, starting and ending with the name of an actor. To complete a Sweep you need to guess a sequence of connections. Each link will alternate between actor, film & actor. Players must race against the clock and work their way up through the levels, using movie clues and passes as they go! For Medium and Hard level, we also throw Directors into the Sweeps!

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Testimonials Intro

  • Ted Byron Baybutt MD, MovieSweep Ltd I’ve worked in the movie industry for 15 years and am really excited to be launching MovieSweep in collaboration with Immersion. We hope it will prove addictive for all film enthusiasts. We can’t wait to get playing and see MovieSweep grow in popularity.
  • Jason Patton GM and VP of Content and Media at Immersion Movie trivia is a favourite and fun pastime of everyone and anyone who loves entertainment. MovieSweep uses the sense of touch in an innovative way to reward the player and encourage them to continue playing. The game delivers on the combination of movies, haptics and trivia.

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